Infinix Smart 3 Plus Review & Full Features

The Infinix Smart 3 Plus comes just after the S4 for Infinix this year with very similar visual cues and it’s the successor to the Infinix Smart 2 this article is everything you should know about this Smart 3 Plus before you buy This Smart 3 Plus has a green box this time in contrast to the red from last year and in the box of this device you’ve got the device itself as the first component and then we’ve got the customer service card, the charging brick which is a regular charging adapter, the power cable, headphones, sim ejector tool screen protector with a water drop cutout and this very flexible engraved jelly case which looks very appealing and I like the feeling it gives off when you put it on the device.

The device already does feel quite light in my hand and put in a case on it does make the weight of the phone go up an extra 15 grams. It doesn’t translate too much in actual weight in your hand and with everything said it doesn’t still protect the device so much but it looks aesthetically pleasing. On the front wrap we’ve got highlights and taking that off we’ve got the 6.2 inch water drop notch display and when we take the wrap off the back it shows us the plastic back which really looks a lot like the S4 with the exception of the cameras of course and the color options.

As far as the ports and I/O goes, for the normal stuff on the top of the device there’s nothing there and on the right side of the device we’ve got the textured power button which makes it easily accessible in the dark and we’ve got the volume rocker keys. On the bottom from the left to right; we’ve got the speaker grilles, the charging port microphone port and the headphone jack and on the left side we’ll go the dual 4G sims and an SD card port which is expandable up to 128 gigabytes. Same deal as the Infinix s4. On the back we’ve got the triple camera setup 13 + 2 + a QVGA camera which has unspecified megapixels and the flash all in a protruding glass and plastic frame.

Still on the plastic back, we’ve got the fingerprint reader with the logo, all are reminiscent of the Infinix s4 again and on the bottom is where we’ve got the smart branding and a “Designed by Infinix” tag On the front, it’s the speaker, the 8 megapixel camera, the water-drop notch, something that looks like an indicator and an ambient light sensor it took about two minutes to boot and set up the device from the scratch and it takes us to XOS Cheetah based on Android 9 (XOS 5) and it does come with some bloat ware as you’d expect and if you really want to know all about the workings of Infinix XOS Cheetah, you can watch my Infinix S4 video with the card up above or the link in the description and in fact when you do a lot of things I’ve said will say will make a lot of sense to you display wise, the Smart 3 plus is a 720p display with a PPI of 270, video and images will rendered quite fine and when you are watching a video you are capped at 720p for streaming and you can watch 1080 p natively.

You can block the speaker accidentally if you’re holding it which of course is because of the singular-firing speaker from the bottom and you can also change up the font for your device but you are limited to only three out of the box. You can also increase or decrease the size of the fonts by three stages as well and by default your font is set to medium you got Eye-care here with some intensity, Read mode which is similar to Eye care in the color but you can specify which apps should have it and you can also hide the notch but this will just create more bezels for you one thing I like here is a new icon design in the settings menu.

I’m a designer and that flat gradient sort of look is really appealing to me and moving on, we’ll get into the part where everyone usually has something to say about and that is the specifications of the Smart 3 Plus. Here we’ve got two gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage for price of thirty nine thousand nine hundred naira. Basically if you add one hundred naira that is 40,000 naira or one hundred and eleven dollars ($111) with only four 100 megabyte apps that I’ve added already I’ve used up 28% of the storage and I have about twenty three gigabytes free and as far as the RAM you need to have just a few apps in the cache for it to run well. We’ve got a 2 gigahertz octa-core MediaTek processor power VR GPU and 3500 milliamp hour battery and this device runs on android9 Pie Performance from this device was okay from my usage and during game play the device did get noticeably warm to the touch and I did have some frame drops here and there but it’s nothing too drastic.

Battery life on smart three plus was descent and heavy use did it’s a key tool on the battery you’ll be fine on standby for a long period of time but you barely get up to eight hours on battery alone without charging. It’s got bluetooth 4.2 and it’s 4g ready with Dual 4G Sims. About the way stone along the smart three plus we’ve got face recognition which was pretty fast in addition to the fingerprint reader on already existing modes. We’ve got a downward facing speaker the Smart 3 Plus plus and here’s how it sounds like this is sound quality of the Infinix smart 3 Plus plus let me know what you think about the sound quality in the comment section down below on a back camera side of things you got a 13 megapixel camera right in the middle, you 2 megapixel depth sensor above it and a Q VGA camera you can see that when you’re in Bokeh mode and cover the 13 megapixel lens it shows my skin and where the depth lens is cover edit detects it. For video mode you can shoot in 1080p which is FHD 720p which is HD and 480 P which is VGA the default mode for pictures is the AI Cam which can detect lighting.

It’s got HDR as well and other cool features for the picture size and aspect ratios, you’ve got beauty mode, bokeh mode and AR Shot for face filters this is also applicable to the 8 megapixel front camera and instead of Bokeh mode for the front, it’s called portrait mode. They’ve got beauty mode AI camera mode which is also the default camera and it’s capped at 8 megapixel for photos instead of 13 megapixels on the back and video mode which applies the same settings of the back camera which regards to picture quality on the Infinity smart 3 plus just like many other Infinix devices it would only thrive in the right lighting conditions. The shots were a little too exposed and an example is this camera here. In Auto it tries to focus on the camera while ignoring everything else hence the excessive whiteness but when I tap on the brightest parts of the image it balances it out the same thing was applied on the shot of my palm.

I can see why a lot of people would like more exposed shots but this doesn’t work in all cases I like the color transition in some shots and bokeh mode as always would require really steady subjects and hand movements to get the right shots in low-light shots colors shifted as well while in extremely poor light the device actually comes out pretty sharp with the flash because of the exposure outdoors bright Reds were skilled towards the pink direction and as you can see in the video they have chance to be so sharp exposure changes while filming plus focus hunting and it is noticeable as well this is the front-facing camera video quality of the Infinix smart 3 plus let me know what you think about the video quality as well as sound quality as you can see the camera is overtly very exposed.

I think I just did some tautology there this camera is very exposed as you can see the white is just so blown out and I can even tell from the camera here white is very blown out and I can’t adjust I can adjust where to tap for the exposure so it’s just by default very blown out and as you can see in the picture quality as I made mention of the picture quality also has parts where they are overexposed and you can also adjust for under exposure so those are my thoughts let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. All in all, its price is 39900/- now this device places itself as an important upgrade for smart 2 users but with the body of the infinix S4 with a few lower features and nothing more really this is also for those who are coming from something like the smart 2 or lesser and don’t want the price tag of an Infinix S4 for saving over 20k and not minding that slower processor on here those are my thoughts on the Smart 3 Plus what would you like to know to drop a comment down below and I’ll be sure to get chatting in the comments please like this article if you enjoyed it thank you for reading.

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